Company Policies

  • We require that ALL deliveries take a minimum of 125 gallons of heating oil. If the delivery takes less than the required gallons you will either be charged for the full amount or a delivery charge of $25.
  • If the delivery is difficult you may have your minimum raised. The driver determines the difficulty of the delivery, and you will be notified if your minimum is raised. MINIMUMS VARY DEPENDING ON STOP.
  • If you live on a hill or a small street we ask that you make sure your tank has oil before a storm is forecasted. We recommend ordering when you’re under a half and keep in mind that ALL deliveries are Weather Permitting.
  • All payments must be made prior to or at the time of delivery or no oil can be left. If you have a credit card on file you will be treated as if you’ve prepaid. Paying with a credit card will be at retail price which is 5 cents more than our advertised wholesale price, which applies to a cash money order and check only.
  • Any and all balances must be paid within 5 days of delivery to avoid a .20 cent late fee per gallon, if this is not done additional fees will apply after delinquency at the determination of Angelo’s petroleum. Please check the box below if you agree to these terms.
  • If you’re the homeowner you can leave personal checks in the mailbox. If you do not own the home, we will not be accepting any personal checks at any time, but you may use a debit/credit card for the retail rate.
  • Deliveries that cannot be made due to customer negligence will have a $25.00 re-attempt fee for a truck to be sent back out.
  • During winter months, if a clear pathway is not made by the homeowner or resident, it is considered a safety hazard, the delivery cannot be made, it will be considered a reschedule due to negligence. ($25.00 will be applied to re-attempt)
  • All email orders must be confirmed no delivery is guaranteed unless someone confirms.  Email orders will be confirmed via email.