Commonly Asked Questions

Out of oil and need an emergency delivery?

Angelo’s offers emergency same day deliveries, at an additional cost of $35. (During Angelo’s regular business hours)

Out of oil and waiting for a delivery?

Angelo’s will provide a burner start up service upon delivery for $35, when informed upon requested delivery.

Running low on oil and do not have the funds for a delivery?

Bring your certified 5 gallon fuel container to Angelo’s (367 Lincoln Ave. Saugus, MA) where you can purchase fuel/oil for your burner.

Does Angelo’s have a minimum for delivery?

Yes, we have a 125 gallon minimum.

How do you become and Angelo’s customer?

To become an Angelo’s customer, click here to complete our customer’s info form.

Fuel Assistance Programs

Does Angelo's take fuel assistance?

Yes Angelo’s takes the following fuel assistance services:

  • Lynn Economic Opportunity (LEO)
  • Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD)
  • Community Action Program (CAPIC)
  • North Shore Community Action Program (NSCAP)
  • Greater Lawrence Community Action (GLCA)


How does Angelo's keep prices so low?

We do all of our business in volume so we are able to pump more for less.

Does Angelo’s offer fixed pricing?

No, Angelo’s does not offer fixed pricing. Our prices vary with current market value.

Please note deliveries not paid within 5 days will receive a late fee.


Does Angelo’s take Debit/Credit cards?
Yes, we only accept VISA and MasterCard. We do however charge an additional 5 cents per gallon with this payment method. But, cash or check upon delivery will be the listed discount price.
Does Angelo's offer budget or payment plans?

No, Angelo’s does not offer budget or payment plans. But, Angelo’s does allow a savings program where a customer may put credit towards their account.


Do you have full burner service?
Yes. We have full burner service. Our technicians are licensed & insured and available at any hours; emergency service is only a call away, once becoming an Angelo’s customer.
When is the best time to order oil?

When your oil tank gauge displays between ¼ – ½. This gives you a safe margin of time of not running out of oil.